The ultimate brand of passion




Ascender Cycling Club is a brand created by passionate riders. We design, functional and modern cycling apparel with a distinctive Swiss aesthetic and bold in mind. Real adept of minimalism in design, we intend to avoid the unnecessary in the clothes we create by finding the best compromise between simplicity, utility and elegance.

We consider the “Less is More” as a wider scope than a design principle. To face-off today’s global challenges as climate change and biodiversity protection, it should now be applied as an entire philosophy. Slow fashion is not any more a trend, it is a business imperative. We founded our brand on the belief that there is a better way to make clothing – Besides the fact that we wanted to create high-performance, comfortable but also stylish pieces for cyclists, it was meaningful to us to make it using effective solutions to protecting our earth.

Our mission is to increase the popularity of cycling worldwide and help people discovering the multiple benefits of this sport. We vehicle our values through visual art and graphic design, as we believe that art illustrates the culture without the barrier of language. Art is everywhere, it’s life in itself, and it’s the way we perceive the world and how we appreciate it. It also constitutes a bridge that brings together the gaps in our society and creates a great impact on human perceptual experience and on emotions.

Our brand identity has been developed around this universal message, which blends sport, nature and culture to create better ways. Friendship, passion, integrity, courage and respect of both people and nature define who we are. They are the fundamental beliefs of our brand as they guide our actions and behaviours, so we wanted to ensure this is expressed through our clothes.